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อ.ดร.วันชนะ พรหมกระแส

Wanchana Phromkrasae, P.h.D.

อ.ดร.วันชนะ พรหมกระแส

Research Interest

Cholangiocarcinoma, Genetic code expansion, Role of NR2F1 protein


Marino V*, Phromkrasae W*, Bertacchi M, Cassini P, Chakrabandhu K, Dell'Orco D, Studer M. Disrupted protein interaction dynamics in a genetic neurodevelopmental disorder revealed by structural bioinformatics and genetic code expansion. Protein Sci. 2024 Apr;33(4):e4953. doi: 10.1002/pro.4953. PMID: 38511490; PMCID: PMC10955615.

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