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ผศ.ดร.วราภรณ์ สาแก้ว

Waraporn Sakaew, Asst. Prof., Ph.D.

ผศ.ดร.วราภรณ์ สาแก้ว

Research Interest

Application of bioactive compounds from seaweed, in biomedical researches


Khrongyut S, Polsan Y, Sakaew W, Sawatpanich T, Banno Y, Nozawa Y, Kondo H, Hipkae W. Expression of endogenous phospholipase D1, localized in mouse submandibular gland, is greater in females and is suppressed by testosterone. Journal of Anatomy. 2019; 235(6): 1125-1136.

Wongkietkachorn A, Surakunprapha P, Rudtanatip T, Sakaew W, Vachirodom P, Wongkietkachorn N, Wongkietkachorn S. Supporting a comprehensive theory of breast fascial anatomy. Plastic and reconstructive surgery. 2019; 144(4):706E-707E.

Wongkietkachorn A, Surakunprapha P, Sakaew W, Rudtanatip T, Wongkietkachorn N, Wongkietkachorn, S. Using "1-2-3 rule" for locating the internal mammary vessels in smaller size population. Plastic and reconstructive surgery.2019; 144(3): 527E-528E.

Rawangwong A, Pidsaya A, Thoungseabyoun W, Tachow A, Sawatpanich T, Sakaew W, Yamasaki M, Watanabe M, Kondo, H, Hipkaeo W. Localization of phospholipase C beta 3 in the major salivary glands of adult mice. Acta Histochemica. 2019;121(4): 484-490.

Sakaew W, Tachow A, Thoungseabyoun W, Khrongyut S, Rawangwong A, Polsan Yada, Masahiko W, Kondo H, Hipkaeo W. Expression and localization of VIAAT in distal uriniferous tubular epithelium of mouse. Ann Anat. 2019; 222: 21-27.

Thoungseabyoun W, Tachow A, Pakkarato S, Rawangwong A, Krongyut S, Sakaew W, Kondo H, Hipkaeo W. Immunohistochemical localization of cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1) in the submandibular gland of mice under normal conditions and when stimulated by isoproterenol or carbachol. Arch Oral Biol. 2017; 81: 160-166.

Sakaew W, Maneenin C, Ratanasuwan S, Amarttayakong P, Boonruangsri P, Kanpittaya J, Hipkaeo W. Combination of bilateral multiple anomalies of renal blood vessels together with testicular blood vessels and renal pelvises - A case report. Srinagarind Med J. 2017; 32(1): 80-85.

Sakaew W, Arnanteerakulc T, Somintara S, Ratanasuwon S, Uabundit N, Iamsaard S, Chaisiwamongkol K, Chaichun A, Hipkaeo W. Sexual dimorphism using the interstyloid distances and clinical implication for elongated styloid process in the Northeastern Thailand. Int J Morphol. 2016; 34(4): 1223-1227.

Hipkaeo W, Techataweewan N, Sakaew W, Maleewong W, Sripa B, Chomphoo S, Hozumi Y, Goto K, Kondo H. Identification in Immuno-Electron Microscopy of Solitary Multi-Polar Peripheral Neurons of Adult Opisthorchis viverrini by Antibody Against Rat Diacylglycerol Kinaseζ. Int J Morphol. 2016; 34(2): 471-477.

Hipkaeo W, Chomphoo S, Pakkarato S, Sakaew W, Sawatpanich T, Hozumi Y, Polsan Y, Hipkaeo D, Goto K, Kondo H. Selective localization of diacylglycerol kinase (DGK)ζ in the terminal tubule cells in the submandibular glands of early postnatal mice. Histochem Cell Biol. 2015, 144(2): 185-93.

Jyoti Joshi J, Srisala J, Sakaew W, Prachumwat A, Sritunyalucksana K, Flegel WT, Thitamadee S. Identification of bacterial agent(S) for acute hepatopancreatic necrosis syndrome, a new emerging shrimp disease. Suranaree Journal of Science and Technology. 2014, 21(4): 315-320.

Sakaew W, Pratoomthai B, Pongtippatee P, Flegel WT, Withyachumnarnkul B. Discovery and partial characterization of a non-LTR retrotransposon that may be associated with abdominal segment deformity disease (ASDD) in the whiteleg shrimp Penaeus (Litopenaeus) vannamei. BMC vet Res, 2013, 9: 189.

Pratoomthai B, Sakaew W, Udomkit A, Wongprasert K, Chang SE, Withyachumnarnkul, B. Decreased level of crustacean hyperglycemic hormone (CHH) in black tiger shrimp Penaeus monodon suffering from Monodon Slow-Growth Syndrome (MSGS). Aquaculture, 2012, 350-353: 19-25.

Sakaew W, Pratoomthai B, Anantasomboon G, Asuvapongpatana S, Sriurairattana S, Withyachumnarnkul B. Abdominal Segment Deformity Disease (ASDD) of the Whiteleg Shrimp Penaeus vannamei reared in Thailand. Aquaculture, 2008, 284: 46-52.

Pratoomthai B, Sakaew W, Sriurairattana S, Wongprasert K, Withyachumnarnkul B. Retinopathy in stunted black tiger shrimp Penaeus monodon and possible association with Laem-Singh virus (LSNV). Aquaculture, 2008, 284: 53-58.

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