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อ.ดร.ประภาภรณ์ จัตุจันทร์

Prapaporn Jattujan, P.h.D

อ.ดร.ประภาภรณ์ จัตุจันทร์

Research Interest

Anti-ageing in C. elegans model, LM, SEM, TEM


ค.ศ. 2023

1)Kleawyothatis W, Jattujan P, Chumphoochai K, Chalorak P, Sobhon P, Meemon K. Holothuria scabra extracts confer neuroprotective effect in C. elegans model of Alzheimer's disease by attenuating amyloid-β aggregation and toxicity. Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine. 2023; 13(1), 93-104.

ค.ศ. 2022

1)Sanguanphun T, Sornkaew N, Malaiwong N, Chalorak P, Jattujan P, Niamnont N, Sobhon P, Meemon K. Neuroprotective effects of a medium chain fatty acid, decanoic acid, isolated from H. leucospilota against Parkinsonism in C. elegans PD model. Front. Pharmacol. 2022, 13, 1004568.

2)Kraokaew P, Manohong P, Prasertsuksri P, Jattujan P, Niamnont N, Tamtin M, Sobhon P, Meemon K. Ethyl Acetate Extract of Marine Algae, Halymenia durvillei, Provides Photoprotection against UV-Exposure in L929 and HaCaT Cells. Marine Drugs. 2022; 20(11):707.

3)Jattujan P, Srisirirung S, Watcharaporn W, Chumphoochai K, Kraokaew P, Sanguanphun T, Prasertsuksri P, Thongdechsri S, Sobhon P, Meemon K. 2-Butoxytetrahydrofuran and Palmitic Acid from Holothuria scabra Enhance C. elegans Lifespan and Healthspan via DAF-16/FOXO and SKN-1/NRF2 Signaling Pathways. Pharmaceuticals. 2022; 15(11):1374.

ค.ศ. 2021

1)Kornthong N, Phanaksri T, Saetan J, Duangprom S, Lekskul B, Vivattanasarn T, Songkoomkrong S, Jattujan P, Cummins CF, Sobhon P, Suwansa-ard S. Identification and localization of growth factor genes in the sea cucumber, Holothuria scabra. Heliyon. 2021;7(11):e08370.

ค.ศ. 2019

1)Malaiwong N, Chalorak P, Jattujan P, Manohong P, Niamnont N, Suphamungmee W, et al. Anti-Parkinson activity of bioactive substances extracted from Holothuria leucospilota. Biomed Pharmacother. 2019;109:1967-77.

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